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Design Is The First Step

Design is the first step. Well maybe not, maybe it’s the desire to change your surroundings. Maybe it’s the desire to be able to enjoy all your property instead of just the interior. Maybe you want a place for a hammock, would like to hear the sound of water or the birds chirp. Maybe you want a jungle oasis. That sounds nice, I want one too! I am working on mine, how about you?
The steps I took after being in the space and thinking about what I needed and wanted out of my yard was not to run off to Home Depot on a buying spree. I measured, planned, and designed the space. I thought of alternatives, the physical attributes, drainage, sun exposure, views from inside the house… Over time you add details, dress it up, and bring the space into completion. This is what we do at Magnolia Landscape Architecture, we specialize in landscape design. We listen to your wants, needs, and budget and put together a road map to that sweet spot where are three meet in harmony. Now you have a master plan you can do all at once or implement in phases. You need a map, you need a plan, and it all starts with a desire and design.