Magnolia Landscape Architecture started with a love for plants and the outdoors. Founder, David Abadie is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and licensed to practice landscape architecture in the State of Louisiana.  

As a child growing up in our beloved drained swamp (Metairie), David assisted his father and older brother in the ongoing fight against subsidence.  Moving spillway soil and hunks of blue/gray clay was the annual summer ritual.  At the age of 10, David’s brother put him to work ripping out unwanted plants, pulling vines and weeds on landscape jobs he obtained through working at a local garden center. 

Finally able to legally work, David got his dream job, working at Charvet’s Garden Center watering trees and assisting customers.  He did his job with enthusiasm and vigor.  David learned all the plants in the garden center and how to properly operate landscape equipment. 

Showing his value, David moved up in the world and on to a professional landscape crew.  He had finally made the big leagues!  Working along all-stars and legends like Carol Charvet, Earnest Moore, and ‘Smiling’ Michael Chase; David felt like a fish in water.  He further developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for hard manual labor in the South Louisiana heat.  After completing Jesuit high school, David had the opportunity to go to college.  He attended UNO part time and later transferred to LSU to attend their prestigious school of Landscape Architecture, a five-year degree program.  David enjoyed school work for the first time in his life and was hired to work with the LSU arborist crew where learned valuable arborist skills and climbing practices.  

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University (2004), David spent a brief time in New Orleans working for himself.  Katrina hit and he and his growing family spent two years in Atlanta.  By God’s grace, he found himself working for an established Landscape Architecture firm designing residential, commercial, and public developments. 

Missing home, he came back to Louisiana to work for 1st Lake Properties where he was able to make significant contributions to many large multi-family developments.  David left and had the great opportunity to work for Mullin Landscape where he further honed his skills as a creative residential designer in a rapidly growing and exciting company. 

After deciding to go out on his own, David has learned valuable lessons only a business owner can learn through hard work and mistakes.  The last two years of his life have been the most rewarding and most exciting.  Now, he is here to offer his expertise and services to everyone. 

David is a devoted father of three wonderful children and loves being able to spend quality time with them and enjoy life.   

Magnolia Landscape Architecture continues to be an asset to the local New Orleans community through their commitment to beautifying Louisiana. 


Beautiful, functional, and environmentally low-impact landscape architectural design.