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The Right Way

Wow, what a time we are going through right now.  Lord, we pray for your protection and to end this virus swiftly.  We hope that through these times we come through closer to You and closer to each other.  I hope we can put politics aside and see the good in each other, let us help each other and look out for the health and well being of those most vulnerable.

That being said, there is only one way to do things.  That way is the right way, there are no short cuts.  The right way is time consuming, costly, requires planning and thought, but in the end the job is complete and built to last.  The work is done.

We are here to help you plan your outdoor projects.  Whether its planning a garden, outdoor gathering space, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, outdoor dining room, pool or pavilion; we give you a thoughtful design custom suited to your space.  Our process: we start with broad strokes and sound design concepts. Once you are pleased with the overall direction, we move forward and figure out all the nitty gritty details like setting the location and elevations of your drainage system, placement of expansion joints, utilities, irrigation elements, etc.…

While keeping a close eye on your budget, the planning is completed and now its time for you to meet some contractors and get apples to apples pricing.  You put your project out to bid and can now rest assured that you have the design you want and will get competitive pricing.  Just this past week, a client was able to save over $5000 on just one portion of a large renovation job!  Two weeks before we saved a client about the same on a smaller project.  All we ask is that the contractors give us their best price and do the plan as drawn.  Pretty straight forward and up front.  If there are any questions or concerns during the installation, we are happy to work with your contractor and are available.  If you would like us to oversee the construction and sign off on the work so you don’t have to take that responsibility or time to deal with that, we offer contract administration for all of our clients.  This fee is based off the size of your job and the oversight required to bring your project to completion.

Stay safe.  Wash your hands.  Be polite.  Pray.

Thank you and God Bless,